Monday, August 22, 2005

Take a Deep Breath

We are ever so anxious to hear about referrals this month. The feelings can be overwhelming at times. It is impossible to stop looking at the yahoo message boards for any rumors. I always tell Deann to stop looking at the boards to keep her sanity, but I do not practice what I preach. The boards are our lifeline. We have got to find out something soon or we are going to lose it!

Nothing worthwhile in life is ever easy. Why should this be any different?

Some of the things running through my mind, randomly (and Deann's too, I'm sure).

How old will Hannah be?
What will she look like?
How big will she be?
Where is she?
What is her name?
Who is taking care of her?
What is her personality like?
Will she be walking, crawling, talking?

The wait will surely get harder when we receive her picture. Life seems to be on hold until we know something.