Sunday, November 14, 2010

Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig

After nearly 24 hours of travel time we made it home. It was difficult to say the least. Korean Air is great. If you have a chance to fly this airline take advantage. The service is a throwback to a bygone era.

We are so glad to have Chloe Grace home. When she went in her room she was scared of all the baby dolls. It as obvious she had never seen one. She looked at them like they should be alive and would not touch them. She figured it out and will now hold them like I would hold a stinky a distance.

It took less than a day at home for Chloe to allow Deann to begin mothering her. Hooray!!! She let's Deann hold her now and do things for her without a fuss. This is a big relief. The same goes for MaCayla. They are both thrilled about this quick turn and so am I.

Chloe Grace is making huge progress. She can be so happy, playful and loving. She sometimes comes up to me and lays her head on my knee and gives it a hug.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Final Post

We are headed home tomorrow. We should arrive in Atlanta by 7:35 pm Saturday. Then we go through immigration and customs. I have no idea how long that will take. I would assume at least an hour.

China has changed in the five years since we were last here. There is more affluence in the cities. Many more cars. Some nicer apartment buildings, but man are they small. I cannot imagine living in one of the millions of apartments I have seen in Beijing (14 million people), Harbin (9 million people) and Guangzhou (18 million people). I think those numbers are right. Anyway, that is a lot of people jammed together.

This has been a tough journey, but well worth everything. Nothing worth having comes easy. I am looking forward to starting our new life together as the Cook family version 3.0 in Madison, GA. 

See ya soon!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Better Day

The day started off very rocky at breakfast. We stayed in the room much of the day like we had in Harbin. We did a lot of hand touching and assorted methods of getting Chloe closer to the girls. It seems to have paid off some. At dinner tonight Chloe sat in her high chair and didn't have any violent tantrums. The was quite a respite for us. I know this sounds trivial to some, but we feel very stressed out at times so eating quietly was a big deal. She ate the best she has to date. She has not had any big eating issues, but it is nice to see her eat heartily.

It seems part of the issue is she wants some control of her environment so we started letting her walk on her own more in the hotel. She can walk very wobbly so it gives us a coronary watching her walk on the marble floors, but she enjoys the freedom.

Deann was able to put her in the carrier this afternoon and walk around shopping with her while I went to the bank. CG protested, but gave in after some time.  Going to the bank is a big ordeal. I think I was the third person in line and waited 1 1/2 hours having American Express checks changed to RMB. That only took 15 minutes. Who knows what the two people in front of me were doing. Perhaps they were closing on a mortgage.

It is Thursday night for us. One more whole day. We leave the hotel at 9:30 am Saturday.

Update: Tonight she is not going to sleep easily like before. That was the one thing we could count on until now.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Prayers Needed!!!

CG has begun to exert her will and refuses to go in the high chair, ride in the stroller or be held by anyone but me. At times she just starts screaming if we put her shoes on, change her diaper, change her clothes or anytime she is not in control of the situation. She wants to control every little thing she can in her small kingdom. She thrashes around and is very strong and has no regard for injury (yours or hers). This is making the simplest things very challenging. The plane ride home has the potential to be a disaster. I wish we could blink and be home where things will be stable and we can begin the healing process on our own turf. We know the healing has begun, but we do not have as much control as we would at home. It is hard to let her cry in public when the people are standing around staring and wondering what we did to her to make her cry so violently. This enables her to get her way every time. We had the opportunity to let her cry without interruption this morning at breakfast when we put her in the high chair because the restaurant was empty. I am not sure if this will help at this point. She has an amazingly strong will. Her heart is obviously in good condition because no one can cry that loudly that long and have any heart issues.

It is so frustrating because one can see that see is grieving so badly and we can do very little to help her get through this. We know this is temporary and she is such a joy and so precious, otherwise. It is easy to see the progress she is making physically and mentally each day. The emotions are another story. The emotions are coming out very strongly. She gets very angry when she is not in control. I hope the emotions pour out of her before she gets home so everyone can see how charming and wonderful she is.

WE LOVE HER!!!!! We will do whatever it takes.


Chloe seems to be over her fever. She had a better day, but she still prefers Daddy carrying her everywhere. We were able to get her in the stroller for the end of our zoo trip. Deann is having a hard time with this. Although she did let Deann touch her a few times and she is letting MaCayla play with her now. She did let Deann carry her around in the ERGO last night for a stroll without me tagging along. Hopefully, tomorrow will be even better. 

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Papa John's to the Rescue

"I would die without pizza in China"

CG Update

CG had her first round of shots last Saturday and another round Monday. She has had a fever everyday since. She has become very attached to Daddy since Saturday. We think it is because she feels so terrible and only wants one person to hold her, etc. This is very difficult for Deann. She wants so badly to comfort her, but CG will not let her most of the time. The past several days have been up and down. We are so mad that the US government required so many shots. Two were for flu and pneumonia. Is that really necessary?

I am sure she is anxious every time we leave the hotel because she thinks we are taking her for more shots. Deann held her the first time and I held her the second time to show her it was not one of us who was the bad guy when it came to the shots.

She does not drink regularly. Wants nothing to do with a bottle after the first night. Loves to hold the sippy cup, but will not drink from it much. Drinks some from a straw. Likes to drink from a cup, but often chokes this way. She loves bananas and watermelon.

She seems very bright, but acts very much like a younger child in many ways. Even her cries sound like a younger baby to me. She has definitely improved in every way since we got her and we can only think she would be much further...if not for the stupid shots. She was coming along very rapidly before that. She has started mimicking us and waving at people. She likes to play with her stacking cups. She goes to sleep at night very easily. We simply place her in the crib with a few toys and she plays herself to sleep.

Today we go to the U.S. Consultate and boy do we want to give them a piece of our minds over the shot requirements. We will try to contain ourselves, but it will not be easy.

I have stayed in the other room for a few hours out of CG's sight hoping she will realize Deann is a comforter. We hope this helps.

We can't wait to see everyone.

Monday, November 01, 2010