Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chloe Grace Shiyao Cook

Announcing Chloe Grace Shiyao Cook. She currently resides in the City of Daqing in the Province of Heilongjiang in The People's Republic of China. Soon to be a resident of Georgia with her forever family, but not soon enough. Hopefully, if all goes well we will be traveling to the Manchurian area of China to bring Chloe Shiyao home very soon. The Cook Family is very excited to share this news with all our friends and family. Thanks to everyone for your support as we have waited for this news over the past three years.

The red dot on Chloe's forehead can represent a caregivers affection for her, beauty or a good luck symbol. The pictures seem to show a well taken care of baby girl and for that we are grateful.

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