Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The Journey Begins

By recording my thoughts and feelings in this journal I hope to remember the events that occurred while undertaking the process for bringing our little girl to her forever home.

We will name her Hannah which means "full of grace". And it will be by His grace that we finally unite.

I want to remember what I was doing the day Hannah was born. Hopefully, this record will help me remember that special day! If I miss that day in the blog these writings will not be for naught, because one day I hope to share this journal with her so she will know how we began this journey and how we finally came together.

Today we worked like every other day. I helped the Hospital Authority Chairman with computer concerns. Later, I helped Momma Jo fix her Christmas lights (a blown fuse). We had chicken casserole for supper and MaCayla and Deann decorated the Christmas Tree.

There are only three Christmas stockings hanging from the mantle. Next year there will be four. I look forward to sharing Christmas mornings with Hannah in the future.

Momma Jo made all our stockings and she is making Hannah's as I type this. I hope we can hang Hannah's stocking this year as a reminder of God's precious gift.

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