Sunday, August 08, 2010


We often think about Chloe Grace and what she could be doing. Like right now it is 7:45 pm here and in China it is tomorrow morning. Is she waking up? Drinking a bottle? Crawling around? Can she walk? How many children share a room or even a crib with her? Does she get enough hugs? Is she ever hungry? Can she talk? She is getting older by the minute. We sent her a photo album. Do her Nannies show her pictures of our family so she at least knows something about us?

We are being as patient as we can be. It is not easy. We are ready to have her with us. The process can be frustrating. Things are not under our control. We are relying on governmental bureaucracy to do its job swiftly. So, we wait and hope that all the things that need to happen for us to go to China can happen quickly.

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