Sunday, January 23, 2005


MaCayla is sick today. She has a high fever and Deann was not feeling well this morning, so we skipped church. We did have a devotional on happiness. It was very interesting teaching the meaning of joy to MaCayla. The point of the study became very clear as we talked about the things that bring us happiness and what God might think of those things. It comes down to making good choices. For instance, we asked MaCayla how her choice of breakfast might influence her day and therefore her happiness. I told her eating chocolate for breakfast might make her happy for the moment, but later in the morning she may become irritable, which may cause her to misbehave. The misbehavior would have a consequence, which could steal her joy for the day. I know...a little too deep for a first grader, but hey I learned something. Every choice, no matter how small, may influence our joy. So go out there and make good choices...for your sake. God wants you to be happy!

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