Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Message Groups

I have read message groups this past week that pertain to China adoption. I am realizing there are many other hopeful parents like us with the same feelings of love and hope for their precious children to be. I knew there were thousands of others, but after beginning to read their stories on the message boards it fills my heart with joy and somehow I feel a bond with complete strangers.

One message board has a recurring theme of "rescuing orphaned children". Most of the adopting parents are not adopting for this reason. Neither are we. I have never had the feeling I am rescuing an orphan. I simply want to love this child as much as one person can love another. Some might say "How can you love a child you have never seen". To them I say "I have seen her in my heart". Some things are impossible to explain logically and are beyond reason. Love is one of those things. It can never be bought nor sold. It can only "be". It is very similar to knowledge in that it cannot be taken from you. Like a memory it is forever yours to keep and hold close to your heart.

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Mark Lane said...

I have never seen my Lord Jesus face to face but it does not change my love for Him. I too do not feel like I am rescuing anyone, if anything she is rescuing me. We don't have children and I believe this is God's plan for our life and His way of filling our void. We have love to share and they need love.