Thursday, December 08, 2005

Joy! Joy!

The past three weeks have been the best I can ever remember. Deann is so happy spending all her time with MaCayla and Hannah. MaCayla is having a hard time concentrating on school, because she wants to be with Hannah so much. I am joyful to see my family so happy. Hannah is a delight. It's as if she lives to smile at everyone. If it all ended right now I would still be grateful to God for the past three weeks.

Sadly, I think I have been missing out on God's blessings from previous doubt and questioning God's plan in my life. Note to self-God is in control.


rnor143 said...

I am so,so happy for all of you !!I am loooking forward to meeting my new niece and seeing her big sister. I love you all
Aunt Vicky

Jody Moreen said...

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