Wednesday, December 21, 2005


For six days straight last week Hannah vomitted. With no medical history we were scared something serious may be wrong. After a few doctors visits and one hospital visit we found out she has reflux. When we got her in China she had a serious ear infection. After three different antibiotics she still has the ear infection, which contributes to the reflux because of the congestion and drainage.

The only thing that really upsets Hannah is not feeding her. No food, no peace. For six days we would feed her and she would vomit. She would immediately ask to be fed again, but we would stop feeding her until the next meal because we didn't know what was going on. On top of that, we really could not feed her a regular meal (clear liquids, etc.). This child eats like there is no tommorrow and we were putting her to bed hungry :( We did not feel like we had a choice.

She is better now and eating a regular diet. We will see an ENT sometime soon.

Despite the hunger Hannah was still an amazingly delightful child and her big Sister, MaCayla is showing she has a compassionate and loving heart towards her little Sister.

Oh, Hannah is drinking milk now. Yippee!

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cheepette8 said...

Hello. I was reading your blog and saw that you live in Georgia. I live in Georgia as well and have a wonderful ENT that we have used for our daughters tubes. She had 6 ear infections from Nov 04 (when we brought her home) - April 05 when we did the tubes. They were the best things. Please let me know