Tuesday, November 02, 2010

CG Update

CG had her first round of shots last Saturday and another round Monday. She has had a fever everyday since. She has become very attached to Daddy since Saturday. We think it is because she feels so terrible and only wants one person to hold her, etc. This is very difficult for Deann. She wants so badly to comfort her, but CG will not let her most of the time. The past several days have been up and down. We are so mad that the US government required so many shots. Two were for flu and pneumonia. Is that really necessary?

I am sure she is anxious every time we leave the hotel because she thinks we are taking her for more shots. Deann held her the first time and I held her the second time to show her it was not one of us who was the bad guy when it came to the shots.

She does not drink regularly. Wants nothing to do with a bottle after the first night. Loves to hold the sippy cup, but will not drink from it much. Drinks some from a straw. Likes to drink from a cup, but often chokes this way. She loves bananas and watermelon.

She seems very bright, but acts very much like a younger child in many ways. Even her cries sound like a younger baby to me. She has definitely improved in every way since we got her and we can only think she would be much further...if not for the stupid shots. She was coming along very rapidly before that. She has started mimicking us and waving at people. She likes to play with her stacking cups. She goes to sleep at night very easily. We simply place her in the crib with a few toys and she plays herself to sleep.

Today we go to the U.S. Consultate and boy do we want to give them a piece of our minds over the shot requirements. We will try to contain ourselves, but it will not be easy.

I have stayed in the other room for a few hours out of CG's sight hoping she will realize Deann is a comforter. We hope this helps.

We can't wait to see everyone.


Becky said...

Poor baby...I hate that she has had to get so many. On the plus side maybe she won't have to get any soon when she gets home. E had six in one visit on her first doctor's appointment here. We are praying for her and all of you. 4 more days your time!!!!!

Angie said...

Ughhh! The whole shot thing makes me angry too. Poor baby! We are praying for Chloe and all of you in your last few days in China. May she get better so that you can all enjoy your final days there.
Ruthie wasn't a great drinker either UNTIL we found the coffee stirrer straws at Lucy's. They usually give them to the babies when you order their apple juice. She loved that straw so we took it with us to use everywhere else. We also fed her juice out of a spoon for many days. Just ideas that might help.
Praying, praying, praying in Georgia and can't wait to see all of you!

Mama Jo said...

This absolutely breaks my heart.
Maybe she will be better in the AM
for you when she finds you don't
have to go for more shots. I'm
so sorry!! Praying that this
fear will subside and that the
rest of your days there can be enjoyable. I imagine this
has an effect on Hannah too, plus
it's been a long time. Give them
all our love and we can't wait to
see everyone!!

Effie said...

This is just so sad and WRONG! So sorry you have to go thru all these horrible shots and the consequences of them. I agree, let the consulate know your feelings!
Will be praying for even more bonding between you all, and that CG is comforted by being with you all, feeling the love for her.
Can't wait to see you all.

Anonymous said...

How very sad for Chloe and you all too! The poor little thing. I can't offer any suggestions on how to get her to drink more. Leah loved her bottle and everything else we gave to her. However, she also didn't have a bunch of shots to make her feel miserable. I hope Chloe feels better soon!