Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Chloe seems to be over her fever. She had a better day, but she still prefers Daddy carrying her everywhere. We were able to get her in the stroller for the end of our zoo trip. Deann is having a hard time with this. Although she did let Deann touch her a few times and she is letting MaCayla play with her now. She did let Deann carry her around in the ERGO last night for a stroll without me tagging along. Hopefully, tomorrow will be even better. 


forest said...

Sooooo good to see those smiles on all of your girls faces.

Becky said...

Look at those teeth! Looks like a better day!

Effie said...

Praying for you Deann. I know how much you just want to love on this baby girl. It is great to see the smiles and know CG made it thru the shots without any serious medical issues. Just can't wait to see you all in a few days.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,

I like your baby sister. Have you eaten lots of rice? Does Baby Chloe like to eat rice? I like rice.

Love, Leah

Anonymous said...

The first few days we had Leah, she didn't want anything to do with me. She screamed every time I came near her. She was all about her Daddy. Everyday got better and by the end of our trip, her adjustment to me was better but she still preferred Rich over me.

We are looking forward to meeting that cute little girl! She looks much happier. Glad to hear the shot effects have worn off.


Anonymous said...

LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!! It looks all warm & sunny there,
& it's all cold & rainy here!!!!!!!
:) Lydia

Angie said...

I agree with Lydia...looks warm and sunny. The day that me, Caryn, Jon Milledge and Ruthie went to the GZ Zoo, it was 133 least!
So glad to hear that Chloe is feeling better and that he fever seems to be gone! Praise the Lord!
Can't wait to see you all!