Sunday, December 19, 2004

Christmas Come Early

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas as a family at Momma Jo's house. All the cousins were there (except Ward). We ate the traditional holiday fare. Ham, Turkey, dressing and Deann made a delicious coconut cream cake. Presents were exchanged by all the children. Next year Hannah will be the youngest and be the center of attention. Deann and I spoke of missing Hannah and my mind drifted to thoughts of her well being.

Christmas is a magical time in the Cook house. Deann decorates the house with a spectacular display of Christmas cheer.

Today is Sunday. The church had Christmas programs at each service. The choir gave a lovely concert with the accompaniment of the orchestra. One of the speaking parts was especially moving. The speaker described Jesus' meager beginnings. I could not help thinking of Hannah and her beginnings. Sadly, that will always be a mystery.

Momma Jo finished Hannah's stocking this past week. MaCayla insisted it be hung right next to hers.

Tonight Cookie performs with her Christmas choir at church. She has a speaking part. She is a talented little girl.

Also, the Adkins came over for lunch today. Elizabeth said my name. No one believed me, but she said it just the same.

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