Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Remembering Robbie

This past Saturday I played golf in a charity tournament to raise money for Hospice of Savannah in memory of a good friend of mine named Robbie "Bulldog" Smith. Robbie died the day before his 30th birthday. He would be 40 this Christmas Eve. I miss Robbie dearly, he was a good friend. I wish Hannah would get to see his smiling face. Robbie and I shared many good memories.

I spent Saturday night with Poppa Cook. He is recovering from knee replacement surgery. He is walking well and I hope and pray he begins to feel better very soon. Recovering from such major surgery can be a strain emotionally.

I came home on Sunday after shopping for a few Christmas presents in Savannah. It was very cold in Savannah. The coldest day of the year, so far. I pray Hannah is warm, wherever she may be.

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