Saturday, December 25, 2004


On December 23rd, we went to see "Polar Express". This movie will surely become a classic. I can't wait to sit down with Cookie and Hanna in my lap and watch it together.

On Christmas Eve Deann worked until 11:30 am and Cookie and I rented two movies. MaCayla bought a Christmas card for Deann.

MaCayla had difficulty falling asleep last night. She was very excited about Santa coming.
Santa did come bringing her a telescope, a bicycle, clothes and several dolls.

MaCayla and I "ruffled" this morning. That is what we call play wrestling. She would rather do that than play with her toys, amazing.

MaCayla and I have a very complicated secret handshake. We decided to teach Hannah as soon as she can learn.

I keep thinking that Hannah will be here next Christmas and MaCayla will have a sibling to share this special day with.

I am sitting by the fire as I write this and hope Hannah is warm and safe.

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