Sunday, October 23, 2005

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Hannah is one today! Happy birthday Ya Fang! Because we will not have her today, we are planting a tree in her honor. We will be celebrating after church with Mama Jo, Big Pop and the Adkins at the Happy China Restaurant. We miss her so terribly. At times there seems to be a huge hole in our hearts. This may be the hardest day waiting so far.

We are literally counting the days. MaCayla and Deann created a calendar and posted it in the kitchen. MaCayla marks of each day as they pass.

We understand the Chinese often shave a child's head to celebrate their first birthday. We really hope Hannah's Foster Family doesn't practice this tradition, but if they do we repect their right to honor Ya Fang. May God bless them for helping take care of this precious little girl.

Of course when Hannah arrives in the US we will have a mega celebration for her birthday. Deann and I invited the world to MaCayla's first birthday. It is so funny to look back at the pictures of the people we invited to MaCayla's first party. I know many of them were glad to come, but they had to question how we doted over MaCayla. We did and we still do. Despite her parents MaCayla is a very mature, well adjusted seven year old:)

We love you Hannah Yafang!

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