Friday, October 07, 2005

Officially Unofficial

We have an official Consulate appointment for November 22, 2005, but our travel dates are unconfirmed until next week. Most likely we will start our travel on November 8th. This is one week later than we had hoped for :( Also, we will likely return to the States on Thanksgiving Day. I have never flown on Thanksgiving, but I imagine it is not very crowded. We have been handed every delay imaginable in this process ( no offense to those who suffered through the SARS delay), but nothing worth having is ever easy to obtain. Just like we struggled to have MaCayla which made us stronger and more grateful, so has this process that we believe has been more difficult than Deann's pregnancy. You see Mother Nature doesn't allow more than a few weeks delay from due date to birth. And the baby is with you...physically. We are are at 10 months from DTC to gotcha day. Two months longer than expected and Hannah is not with us.

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