Saturday, October 01, 2005

Travel Approval , But No Travel Date?

We finally have our travel approval, but we still do not know the exact date we will be leaving for Beijing... argh! Our adoption agency received the approval on Friday and quickly sent for consulate dates (consulate dates are needed to get Hannah's VISA to the U.S.), but it was already Saturday in China, hence the Consulate was closed and will be closed until Thursday, October 6th. Another holiday week in China. It seems every Chinese holiday has slowed our adoption process. The Chinese do not take one or two day holidays it seems. Their holidays last a week or more(we need more of that in the U.S.). It looks like we will be leaving sometime before the first or second weekend in November. We also received our VISA's this week. We are settin' on ready, and all dressed up with no date to go:).

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BJ said...

By coincidence (I just clicked a link form the general blogger site) I was referred to your website.

I'm father of Pien, a lovely 2 year old daugther that we brought home from Guangzhou about 15 months ago (she was then 9 months). I wish you al the best for your journey to China and hope you will get a lovely daughter.