Sunday, October 31, 2010

Things are Hot in Guangzhou

CG woke up with a blistering temp this morning. She has not cried much, but we can tell she is not feeling good.  Motrin has helped her cope. She is very content most of the time. Deann and I have decided this is because we have had two very high maintenance babies and it is our turn for a little break. The odds are in our favor now. MaCayla always wanted to be held and Hannah was into everything times ten.

Today we go to "High Tea". Not sure what that means exactly. All I know is we get to eat at the White Swan so I'm in.

Tomorrow we go on a boat cruise on the Pearl River and CG gets her second round of four shots. We get to have Pappa Johns pizza on the cruise (not sure why) I think one of our guides said the food on the cruise is very exotic so they bring along pizza for us. Tuesday is our consulate appointment. Wednesday we go to see some pandas. Friday we get CG Visa and Saturday we come home.

We miss everyone. Thanks to you all for your supportive, funny, and thoughtful comments.

Remember to got to MaCayla's blog for more detail.

Here is the link to the video of CG getting her first four shots.


Anonymous said...

Loving the blog! I'm so sorry about CG's temp. That makes for a worrisome time. I am praying for yall. Yall have done such a great job with these posts. I feel like I already know CG! I still can't wait to meet her. I know your dying to know Patrick.... Ga lost in overtime to Fl. Email me and I CAM let you know about the AU vs. Ole Miss game! It was too obscene to blog about.Love yall!

Mary Ellen

Becky said...

Sorry CG has a fever but with all those shots...poor baby. We had a crowd here for t or t but missed you all terribly! Can't wait for this time next week!

Mama Jo said...

Hey, and thanks for the call
this AM - wonderful to see you
all. I still can't find that
video, but MaCayla's blog did
come up. Seems like it takes
a little more time for them to
get here, but great when they
do. COUNTDOWN!! Praise the
LORD, and can't wait to see
ya'll and meet Chloe Grace and
be sure to give her a pep talk
about MJ & BP rocking and singing to her!
Love & prayers,

forest said...

Sorry the CG is not feling well. I pray that she will feel beeter soon. The river cruise will be fun and should have to go with the exotic duck bill and chicken foot rather than Pappa John's. Missed you all last night trick-or- treating. Have a great day!!!!

Effie said...

So sorry to hear our baby girl is not feeling well. Surely it's the shots. It's just wrong to have to give her so many at one time. We love you all. Can't wait to see you.