Thursday, October 21, 2010

Upside Down

We are sitting in the Seoul airport about to have a stroke if the coffee shops don't open soon. This place is empty this early. None of the early workers speak English so I can't find out when the stores open. Hannah did great on the looong flight. She fell asleep in the Atlanta airport, was carried onto the plane and slept for about 7-8 hrs straight. Needless to say, she feels great and is looking at all of us like we're a trio of traveling whimps!! Nothing a little coffee can't fix. Becky, we have our coffee packets handy. However, with no hot water, we may resort to coffee sprinkles!!!


Forest said...

Get you some coffee and you will be ready to go- you act like you have been on an all night youth lockin. Good to hear that Hannah traveled great!!!!

Becky said...

So glad H did well on the flight. I suggest you just dump the instant Starbucks in Deann's mouth before it is too late!

Mama Jo said...

So wonderful to get these notes,
and also enjoyed MaCayla's blog.
PRAISE THE LORD you have made it
thus far, and will be anxiously
awaiting for further news.

We love you,

Anonymous said...

So glad to see you've had a smooth flight so far.! Love you all! Effie and Rose

Angie said...

We got to Seoul very early too and it was a dead airport that early. The Dunkin Donuts opens at 7am!! We were the first in line!
My only question is...Were you offered any Hom-a-lot??? Just wondering! ;)