Sunday, October 24, 2010

We Made it to Harbin

We are here and we pick up Chloe tomorrow morning at 9:00 am. She will be traveling about two hours from Daqing. Daqing is pronounced "Da Chin".

Our Holt guide met us at the airport with a driver and brought us to our hotel. We were not happy with the room we were taken to and refused to stay there. It smelled of smoke way too bad to be in there with the girls,  much less a new baby! We had to call our travel agency and get it worked out. After a long ordeal they offered us another room and we accepted. To make matters worst our Holt guide does not speak English very well. She is very sweet, but is struggling to understand us. For some reason she is staying at another hotel.

After arriving at our room Deann found her coffee so things are looking up. Our apologies to the TSA.

12 1/2 hours to Chloe Grace!

Right after I posted this the first time we heard explosions outside out hotel window. Someone was shooting off fireworks right outside our window! I mean close... really close. The big kind. The fourth of July kind at Heritage Park. We are already shell shocked enough. We don't need any fireworks. Apparently, they found out we had arrived! The Chinese are so hospitable.


Sheldon said...

Just wanted to let y'all know that we are praying for you!

Vicky said...

I am following you Daily and saying prayers.

Forest said...

What a great way to be welcomed with your own fireworks!! I hope you are getting some sleep at this moment since in just a few hours you will have that sweet little girl. May God lay His hand on that moment tomorrow. Can't wait to see pictures!! Maybe tomorrow you can go out and get your own fireworks.

Becky said...

I told them you were coming...glad you enjoyed the fireworks!Sorry about the room but this is China. I am counting down the hours here and wondering if you are even still able to sleep! So many prayers leading up this morning and CG!

Effie said...

As Esther and I read this we realized you've already got Chloe
Grace! I feel little bubbles of excitement in my heart for you all! The photo of her is precious. I hope she just walked right into your arms, as she's already in all our hearts! Praying for you all, and we hope you get home soon!

pbb said...

I'm an English teacher in Harbin. If I can be of service please post your hotel phone and I'll give you a call. Patti