Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Papa John's to the Rescue

"I would die without pizza in China"


Mama Jo said...

Hi, I see my big girl is still
the great trouper!! Hope Hannah
& Chloe like Papa John too! A
little rest for you all may be
just what the dr. ordered. (Our
doctor, that is - not the "shot
man"). So glad that part is
over, and trust your day when
you get up will go much better.
Love & prayers - CAN'T WAIT!

forest said...

Jessie would agreee that a little pizza and maybe, I mean absolutely some COKE will help anything. Glad the shots are in the past and I hope CG feels better soon. We can't wait to see you all. Have a great day today and do try some restraint at the consulate office- don't want to see you on the news.