Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Prayers Needed!!!

CG has begun to exert her will and refuses to go in the high chair, ride in the stroller or be held by anyone but me. At times she just starts screaming if we put her shoes on, change her diaper, change her clothes or anytime she is not in control of the situation. She wants to control every little thing she can in her small kingdom. She thrashes around and is very strong and has no regard for injury (yours or hers). This is making the simplest things very challenging. The plane ride home has the potential to be a disaster. I wish we could blink and be home where things will be stable and we can begin the healing process on our own turf. We know the healing has begun, but we do not have as much control as we would at home. It is hard to let her cry in public when the people are standing around staring and wondering what we did to her to make her cry so violently. This enables her to get her way every time. We had the opportunity to let her cry without interruption this morning at breakfast when we put her in the high chair because the restaurant was empty. I am not sure if this will help at this point. She has an amazingly strong will. Her heart is obviously in good condition because no one can cry that loudly that long and have any heart issues.

It is so frustrating because one can see that see is grieving so badly and we can do very little to help her get through this. We know this is temporary and she is such a joy and so precious, otherwise. It is easy to see the progress she is making physically and mentally each day. The emotions are another story. The emotions are coming out very strongly. She gets very angry when she is not in control. I hope the emotions pour out of her before she gets home so everyone can see how charming and wonderful she is.

WE LOVE HER!!!!! We will do whatever it takes.


Mama Jo said...

I am so very sorry this is
happening and she doesn't
realize what is happening to
her - it has to be (as I wrote
to MaCayla) so traumatic. She
can't understand all the changes
that have come about so quickly
and she is just trying to protect
herself and this is the only
way she knows how. We are
and will definitely be praying
that she will surrender, and
especially that God will calm
and quiet her for that long
plane ride home. Be assured
that this is a special matter
of prayer for you all from us.
We love you and can't wait for
you to get here.
MJ for BP too

Effie said...

I remember those moments years ago when Rose wanted her way, and how I didn't want to break her will, but you want her to make up her own mind to submit to whatever situation is at hand. I am reminding myself that CG is in so many ways just a baby, at other moments an 18 month old. On top of all the traumatic things she's been thru. It's alot for her to take I'm sure. Just praying, like Mama Jo says, that you get thru these next few days and that plane ride peacefully and get home so you all can make a more permanent, lasting adjustment. Be strong you guys. This is the trenches, the toughest part of the parenting battle, but soon you'll be near reinforcements! We love you all, and we love CG too, tears and all!

Anonymous said...

I am praying for CG. Also I am praying that God will give you all the knowledge, patience, and wisdom you need to minister to her broken heart yet willful spirit. I know your hearts are breaking for her. We love you guys! Praying hard here in GA! A funny little side note.....are you guys sure there is no red hair under all that black?

Love yall
Mary Ellen

Becky said...

Praying hard for all of you. From experience don't let her wear the squeaky shoes in public because the noise only adds to the throw down tantrums!Also at least she feels comfortable enough to show her emotions to you rather than shutting down. We can't wait to see that big smile in person. We will be praying constantly for the plane ride home.

Angie said...

Hi "LowLe"! My Mommy told me that you were having a very hard time in China and I just wanted you to know that I understand. It is so hard to know what is happening and nothing is familiar. You should know that your new family loves you and they only want the best for you...even though you can't really understand them right now. I remember being very scared back in July when my family came for me and I just wanted everything back to my normal. Just wait until you get are going to love it! You will have your own bed, your own toys and lots more people who love you. I didn't like those hotels and their beds either and those high chairs they put you in really take some getting used to but when you think of all the food you's worth it, believe me! Just hang on...a couple more days and things will be so much better...I promise!! Plus, shortly after you get settled in my Mommy says we can start having play dates and I'm soooo ready for that!!!