Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Adoption Day, Chinese Take-Out and Duct Tape

Today we made it official. Yao Yao is ours. The adoption process is over and the passport process begins. Passport will be ready on Friday and then we leave for Guangzhou to get her Visa finalized.

We want to thank everyone for the comments. They help more than you realize.

This is a stressful time for Shi Yao. We are calling her Yao Yao for now. It just seems to fit her better right now.  She is starting to show attachment issues. The rocking issue she had when she woke up this morning seems to be part of a self comforting routine she has. She has done it several more times when she is in her crib. Also, she has started moving her head back and forth. There is a chaffed spot on the back of her neck where a collar may have rubbed if she did this motion often. She hasn't done it much with us, but it is a little unnerving...not knowing why she is doing it. We asked the Orphanage Director today and he called her caregivers. They said she is playing when she does this.  We don't think that is correct. We are going to look for a pattern and see if something sets it off. She freaks out when changing her diaper. She seems to get very angry when she is sleepy and we try to put her down. But to put things in perspective we have only had her for 28 hours. So things could get better or worse. She can walk pretty well, but the orphanage said she could not walk at all. I don't understand why they would say that about a child who can walk very briskly (almost running, albeit unsteady). She is not eating at the pace we expected. Although, she is eating it is not the gorging we anticipated. We suspect she simply has not had much opportunity to experience many of the foods we have presented her. We may need to back off from that a bit. She is very quiet except when she is angry. She seems very alert. We are unsure if she is developmentally delayed, but I think it is safe to say she is in some ways. Hopefully, if she is, a little of Deann's TLC can help. This morning she had a fit when Deann put a bow in her hair...a real screaming fit, but this afternoon she tried to put one in her hair herself. She would not go in the ERGO carrier this morning, but we put her in it this afternoon with no problem.

I went out last night to find some take out food with our guide. You would think it would be easy to find Chinese take-out in China. It was not. After going to four restaurants we finally found a restaurant that  would allow us to take-out. We could only take out dumplings. I didn't know how big they were so I asked for 48 (earlier in the day we had eaten 36 small dumplings easily). The waiter asked how many people we were feeding. I said four and he started to laugh. The dumplings were nearly the size of baseballs. One order came with 12 dumplings. We ate 2. We wanted noodles, but they had no way for us to take out noodles. They placed the dumplings in a big plastic bag... like a large Wal Mart bag.

An American in China has to set aside all pretense. For example, I went shopping for food today at a grocery store. I bought a six pack of Coke, six bottles of water, 10 packages of Ramen noodles, 2 cans of pringles, and Oreos. Our guide started to place all the items in one bag the check out girl gave her and I said to place them in two bags because I had to carry them about a mile in sub freezing temps back to the hotel.  She looked at me funny, because in China you have to buy your plastic bags. I am just learning to go with the flow.

It gets dark here at 4:30 pm.

By the way we are now in our second hotel and third hotel room here in Harbin. Deann has unpacked three times in three days. Good thing I didn't let her bring our kitchen sink. Seriously, she would have brought it...she did bring duct tape...you'll have to ask her why...I have no idea.

We are not likely to venture out much because of the weather and trying to bond with Yao Yao. Keep us in your prayers we may get a little stir crazy. We are here in Harbin for three more days...then on to Guangzhou for seven or eight more.


forest said...

You just wait- that duct tape will be used at some point. I am with you Deann, I never go on a trip without that all purpose comodity. We will continue to pray for the bonding and being able to find some food.

Angie said...

Praying for all of you this morning! May God give you wisdom when caring for Yao Yao, peace that passes all understanding, and strength to make it through the next few days. These are the hardest and will only get better. She is learning how to let people love her....just keep loving! We love you!

caryn said...

I agree with Angie,that the first few days are the hardest. Deann just remember Shea when it gets difficult. Time and love healed any wounds and attachment issues. You are her mommy ordained by God and she WILL feel that vey soon. Be patient with her AND yourself. Remember we love you all and you are COVERED in prayer. Love you, Caryn

Megan said...

Patrick, Don't you know a Southern girl never leaves home without her duct tape?!?! Continuing to pray for y'all....Yao Yao is a blessed little girl!

Becky said...

Deann knew about the grocery bags and brought the duct tape so MaC can make duct tape bags for her silly! Praying for all of you! Yao Yao just needs time to get settled. We are in tears everytime we look at that sweet face. I know you are freezing but savor it a little it will be 80 here today!

Effie said...

Praying for you all. I know this is just something you and Chloe have to walk thru to get to the other side. It will be worth it in the end!

prechrswife said...

Praying for all of you...As for the duct tape, I didn't pack it, but really wish I had. One of our bags got a big rip in it. Duct tape would have been the ideal solution to our problem.


Cristy said...

I am addicted to your blog and have read every word. She is beautiful. Our prayers are with all of you, especially during these first few days together! Ya'll are such an awesome example of God's love. Much love to you all and our thoughts and prayers to you everyday, throughout the day.

Anonymous said...

Hey, guys - we are enjoying your updates - She is PRECIOUS! I heard MaCayla has a blog - what is the site? Would love to see China from her point of view.
Love, Trish and Rob

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! She is precious. We are looking forward to meeting her. Rich and I brought duct tape when we traveled too... for our spare suitcase that wouldn't close correctly from all the stuff we bought in Guangzhou. Leah was very impressed that Chloe has 16 teeth and that it is snowing where you are. She hopes Hannah is able to build a snowman.

Heidi & Crew