Monday, October 25, 2010

Chloe Update

It is 5 am here. Woke up at 4:15 am.

They said Chloe could not walk yesterday when we got her. While I was out picking up supper Deann watched Chloe take five steps across the room.

We placed Chloe in her crib last night with a few toys and after everyone got in their own bed and went to sleep so did she.

She just woke up and has not cried. I am looking at her as she is on all fours and rocking back and forth while babbling. She woke up this morning with a more contented look about her.

The only time she has fussed is when her diaper is changed.

She is tiny. Don't let the pictures fool you.
We had quite a bit of stress when we arrived in Harbin. The Hotel our agency insist we stay in was the worst hotel I have ever been in. It was a scary place. Like a horror movie. We tried to deal with it and stayed one night.  There was a construction crane operating outside our window all night with a man on a loudspeaker shouting out instructions (this was not the worst thing). We moved to the hotel we originally researched and feel much safer and comfortable. The new hotel is a great place. Very friendly helpful staff.

Hard to process all we have been through and seen in Harbin in such a short time. Lots of stories to tell.

For instance, our English speaking Adoption Guide doesn't speak english. This has made things harder than normal. She is sweet and wants to please us so badly, but we cannot understand her most of the time. It is exhausting trying to communicate with her. I have had to ask other English speakers to help me when I cannot get my point across or understand her (essentially, a translator for the translator). She is so frustrated she hits herself in the head with her hand when she cannot find the correct word. I have resorted to speaking very slowly with a Chinese English accent to try to get my point across to her. Deann pointed the accent out to me. I didn't even know I was doing it. Still, it is nice having one guide devoted only to us.

Must get breakfast. Can't wait to see Chloe eat at the breakfast bar for the first time.


Mama Jo said...

I have been thinking about your
night all day today, so it is
good to hear the news that you
had a good first night. She
did look very contented and
happy this AM on Skype.
We are so very thankful for
this, as well as your getting\
a different hotel.
Love & prayers,

Anonymous said...

These posts cannot come often enough! It is my new favorite pass time! Eli wants me to tell you he likes your new "baby". The lady probably just wishes she had a V8!