Thursday, October 28, 2010

Last Day in Harbin

Tomorrow we leave for Guangzhou. We will be there for eight days before we come home. Chloe is doing well
 and so is everyone else.

We will be able to move out and about in Guangzhou. It has been too cold in Harbin to walk around the city. Guangzhou is warmer. 
I think it is about a five hour flight tomorrow. We are anxious about how Chloe will handle flying. She seems to have some 
congestion at times so I hope her ears will be OK.

In the photos below you may notice Hannah is missing in some of the group pictures. She was the photographer. 
I am so proud of how she has handled things so far. 

We think Chloe is understanding we are safe to be around and she is relaxing more and more. 

Time to start packing...again.



forest said...

I know you are so ready for Guangzhou. You will be breaking out the shorts and short sleeves. The pictures have been great. It is rainy here in Madison this morning and unseasonably warm so maybe you will have better weather in China. Have a good flight tomorrow and we will talk to you next in the final leg of the journey. Don't forget the ducttape when packing up!!!

Mama Jo said...

We're so glad you are leaving
the c o l d and headed where
you can get out some. We had
tons of rain all night, but
thank the Lord, we haven't had
the storms some parts of the
country have experienced. Love
the pictures - Hannah, you did
a great job. Maybe you can
find someone to take a family
picture when you get to Guagzhou.
We can start counting down Mon!!
Love & Prayers,