Monday, November 14, 2005

2! That's Right 2 Hours Until We Have Hannah!

Look what we found in our room when we arrived in Guiyang. Two hours and Hannah may be playing in that crib. Can you believe it! We are hoping for some good bonding time. No expectations of bliss, just time together to figure how to get to know Hannah (and Hannah to get to know us). I doubt anyone will read this before we get Hannah. It is midnight in the States, but please pray for Hannah. She may not know what to think of our big noses :) Seriously, she may not like leaving her Foster family at first. Also, pray for MaCayla as she gets use to 2nd fiddle for a few days. Then we'll have two first fiddles. Oh boy!


Anonymous said...

Deann,It's a little after 1:00 a.m. here. I woke up thinking about you and had to come and see if you had posted anything new. You've waited a long time for this & I can't help but think everythings going to be ok. It maybe a little rocky at first but don't let that bother you. She will adjust. God will take of everything. So STOP worring. I'm going back to bed & say a prayer for you all and for the foster parents. It's got to be hard for them to let her go. Don't cry to much!
Best Wishes,

Effie Powell said...

I'll be awake and if I can just pray Baby Hannah into your arms I'll do my best!
God Bless you all on your new journey, together this time!
Love, Effie

Anonymous said...

Good Morning! I'm sitting here
just waiting for my picture to
download -- Even my pictures from
yesterday are slowly, slowly
coming into view?? Those pictures
have to be the busiest ever trying
to get online for everyone to see.
Talk to you later -- love you.
Make sure MaCayla is in them too!
Mama Jo & Big Pop

Traci said...

Patrick & Deann,
It's 5:30 a.m. I've been up since 5:00 getting ready for work. Just had to check to see if "the picture" was posted yet. Will check again before I leave for work (and probably after I get to work, don't tell Patrick!). We'll continue praying for the three of you and Little Hannah, that the transition will be an easy one. Best wishes! We love you all! Traci Henson

maryellenramsey said...

I am having a coronary here waiting to hear from yall! Who are yall kidding about that crib? That child won't be in that crib no more than yall will be going to the moon! I know right at this minute yall have Hannah. I hope things are going better than yall expected. We love yall. Prayers are still going up for everyone involved. Mary Ellen