Saturday, November 19, 2005

Grandparent Warning

I have not captured Hannah's full smile on film yet. Be warned when I do, or when you see it for the first time you may want to be sitting down. It will floor you. Her eyes squint, her nose wrinkles up, and her two bottom teeth overlap her top teeth (underbite). She was on stage tonight when we ate. She smiled at me, the waitress, all the patrons and anyone who walked by. This picture is not even a tenth of how she can smile.


Anonymous said...

Dear Deanne, Patrick, and Macayla,
This is Joan. Once we got out new computer up and running I got caught up on the daily updates of your adventures with Hannah. It is wonderful! She is such a beautiful baby! Every morning I can't wait to turn on my computer and see the the newest picture and updated details of your trtip. Patrick, you are a very good journalist and I feel like I have gotten to know you better through this account. Macayla, you are a wonderful and precious big sister.
And, Deanne, you are the glue that holds it all together. What a beautiful family you all are. I can't wait to see you all and give you a big round hug!! I pray for you everytime i have to "wait" -- waiting in line at a store, waiting at a red light -- because waiting is the theme behind Hannah's story and because you are always on my mind. I pray for your safety, your adjustment, your rest. I am amazed at how well you look in your pictures (although, Patrick, you do look a bit thin) and how brave you are to try all that strange food!! Bravo!!
Back in Madison we all love you tremendously and talk about you and pray for you constantly!!
Love, Joan Sherwood :)

Anonymous said...

Patrick and Deanne,

Cathy and I have been following your "journey" since Betty told us about this site the other day. Hannah is a beautiful little girl and is very, very fortunate to have you all as her parents, and to have Macayla for her sister. I guess the only negative is that I'm her 5th uncle-in-law! Hope we can see you all before too long.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys! I haven't had a chance to say "hello" but I've been checking out your great pictures and stories for a couple of days now and...WOW! What an adventure you are on! But your prize is absolutely priceless!!! What a beautiful little baby girl! I'm a little partial to big brown eyes anyway, but hers are spectacular! Deann, I really missed you yesterday at Cason's shower. Becky asked that we continue to pray for your safety this next week and I will. I have nursery duty in the morning and I'm wondering if I will have Shae? Bring Hannah and Macayla home soon! Love you and I'm really proud for you!
Lisa Rawls