Friday, November 18, 2005

Amazing Day Part II

After going to the Miao Village we went shopping at a minority store in Guiyang. We bought several things that are part of the minority art work in Guizhou. We bought silver, jade, batek and tommorrow we are going to purchase a really cool hand carved flute.

Tonight we finally had some home cooking Guiyang style. The amount of food we had on our table was amazing. There were three types of dumplings, fried spicy egg plant, a pork dish, a chestnut dish, noodles, and a fried banana desert. I think I may be forgetting something. Anyway, all this cost us $10 and there is no tipping in China for food service (there is tipping for other services)! The walk to the restaurant was interesting, as well. At times you have to walk in the street because the sidewalks are full of food vendors at night. So, there is nowhere to walk except with the traffic. We ate dinner with a few other families who were brave enough to try some local cuisine. It is very enjoyable to get to know the other families. They are all so interesting and fun.

Regrettably, this day must come to an end is our bed time. Off to Guangzhou tommorrow at noonish. The final leg of our trip and we are ready to move on. The people in Guiyang were so friendly and they love our babies. Most of them have no idea foreigners adopt Chinese abandoned and special needs children until they see us in the street and we show them the card (written in Chinese, of course) we have explaining why we have a Chinese baby. They say "Lucky baby", because they know these children will be well taken care of in the USA.

I wish I could respond to everyones e-mails individually, but I barely have enough time to write on the blog. Please know we appreciate each and every comment and e-mail. We can't wait to see you all and introduce you to Hannah Yafang.

Oh...Hannah continues to do better and better. I placed her in her crib tonight to go to sleep and she cried for less than a minute and dozed off. She is showing us how smart and energetic she is now...which is great...she is so cute...Many Chinese women stare at her and when I see them they tell me she is beautiful...I say "thank you she looks just like me". Also, many Chinese people tell me she has a good name...Ya Fang.

MaCayla has some congestion and Deann was dizzy tonight. Hannah is OK and now my other girls are under the weather...go figure.


maryellenramsey said...

These last pictures have been wonderful! I can't wait to see the whole portfolio!

Lindsey Carter said...

Hi Cooks! I just got your website a few days ago but just now, I sat & read the whole thing. MaCayla, I am so jealous that you have such a cute sister to play with! I can't wait to meet Hannah!

Anonymous said...

Hey folks, the latest picture, look as if Hannah is feeling much better.
Its always nice the first thing in morning to see any new pictures.
The Miao girl in the picture is beautiful, I hope Hannah looks something like her.
I am suppose to leave for OK today, I am not looking forward to such a long trip, I guess I am getting too old.
I am glad Hannah smiled for you and I am sure it will not be the latest time.
Jane and I are going to try to come to Madison the Friday after Thanksgiving.
Love, Poppa Cook

Anonymous said...

Okay, the cute pink hat with those eyes is a killer! Girls please don't get sick - still praying back home...Love, Mary Ann Prior

Anonymous said...

Let the shopping begin! I know you will have a great time shopping on Shamian Island and staying at the fabulous White Swan. If you have any money left by the end of your trip, you didn't shop enough! I hope Deann and MaCayla feel better after a good night's sleep. They need their rest & health for shopping. :-) I may have missed this post, but how much does Hannah weigh?


rnor143 said...

I can feel your Emotions with every letter you write....
and every one you have written from the 1st.
Ohh how lucky WE are.
Don't make me CRY..
you guys are AWESOME
your Sister