Monday, November 14, 2005

Does She Have Teeth?

She has 6 teeth to be exact, and a smile to go with them. She does not walk on her own, but she can walk holding my hand. All the clothes we brought to China are too big for her. Even the 12 months clothes seem too big. We do not see a lot of smiles yet, but we have only had her 21 hours. She is subdued by the fever and ear ache, but she gets along with all of us. She took a nap this morning at the meeting to finalize the adoption. She is officially ours now and no one can take her away :) She wimpers when she cries. MaCayla is adjusting well and trying to help, sometimes all little bit to much. She can't help herself.


Mama Jo said...

Look at that!! Is that precious
or what!! I thought that I saw
two little teeth in one picture
yesterday (the only one with her
lips slightly parted). I couldn't
believe she has SIX. What a
beautful smile. MaCayla, she is
enjoying her nap like another
little girl I know does with her
'Big Pop'. Praying she will get
over her fever, etc. quickly and
you all will stay well. Mama Jo
& Big Pop

Anonymous said...

Hey folks what a wonderful experience for everyone. We are all on pins and needles to get our mitts on the little gal. we sure hope the ear is better this morning. papa cook

Anonymous said...

Congratulations ya'll, on everything being "official"!! I know that is such a big weight off your shoulders!! Will be praying for Hannah's health to improve quickly!!!!


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe Hannah has so many teeth!!! She looks so cute when she smiles with those pearly whites showing. Leah just got her 7th tooth and she is 18 months old! I pray Hannah's ear ache and fever resolve ASAP.