Saturday, November 12, 2005


MaCayla smoozing with some new fans on the Great Wall of China. MaCayla says "Gotta keep the fans happy" Actually, MaCayla did not like this at all. One man picked her up and set her on his lap for a picture. He may have asked, but we couldn't understand him:)


Anonymous said...

MaCayla, you are really brave! We can't wait to see Hannah's picture tomorrow morning. Bill, Marianne, and Stacy

Anonymous said...

We are loving the photos and letters - what an amazing time! I tried to write teh other day but it came back to me so I'll try again from home. Carley & Will are looking at the pictures with me - Carley wanted to say HEY!!!! Can't wait to meet Hannah - she's adorable!

Emily said...

hey MaCayla!! i would love all of the attention that you are getting! It is really cool that everyone wants to take a picture of you!! well i can't wait to finally see Hannah!! love, Emily Jones