Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hannah's Progress

Hi Everyone,
In case you have not been able to see our the blog of our trip to get Hannah I wanted to update everyone while I have a moment.
We have had Hannah for over three days now.  She was very sick when we first got her with an ear infection, temperature, and diarrhea.  She was almost listless and very quiet, but her eyes told us she was OK. They never stop moving and taking everything in. Her eyes are very big and bright. The first two and a half days were very scary as we were unsure about her health status. Deann quickly started her on meds and now as I write this she is much better. At first she would let any of us hold her, but now she is starting to prefer Deann. She has been a very good baby. We think she is capaale of much more activity, but she has chosen to be very still. However, today she is breaking her shell and woke up smiling at her big sister. She has given MaCayla and Mommy many smiles this morning and it is only 9am. I think she knows some Chinese words.
Today we are going to a park were there are some monkeys. It is very cold here today so I do not know if we will get out on the streets as we had planned. We draw a crowd when we go out because of MaCayla and Hannah. No one speaks english here in Guiyang. I have been reduced to making clucking noises to describe what I want to eat.
I have to go now.
Patrick Cook

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Anonymous said...

So very excited for you! To follow your journey has been a huge blessing. Wonder why Hannah is so sick? She is so perfect...I just cried looking at her... how lucky. I have so many questions, but will wait. Hugely disappointed you didn't get my fault. Love that sweet one and Macayla we love you too! Mary Ann Prior