Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Two More Days

This picture was going to be our Christmas card this year, but Hannah said "no it's not".

No touring today. We are finished touring. We will skip the buddhist blessing tommorrow. We went to a buddhist temple in Guiyang...BTDT. Today we continued our bargain shopping and walked to a McDonalds for lunch. Tommorrow we have our consulate appointment and Thursday we leave at 5:30 am to come home.

Before I forget you all must know how great MaCayla has been on this trip, which at times has been very stressful. She has barely complained about anything. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful little girl. Hannah is another blessing and she has been wonderful despite the upheaval in her life. I can't wait for everyone to see her. She is so mild mannered and soft spoken at this point, but you can see she is a real pistol.

Thank you all for your thoughts, comments and prayers. Although we have rarely responded to e-mails and comments each one has meant more to us than we can say.


Mama Jo said...

Two More Days!! Sounds
good to me. This is
the first time MaCayla
has not had that broad
smile. (I can hear her
now-"What do I do?")
I printed out some
pictures,put them in a
little folder and
carried them to Happy
China last night when
we went to eat. They
had a fit over them -
I told them we would be
bringing her in soon!!
The girl waited on us,
but when the young man
came by, he wanted to
carry them back to show.
We could hear them
speaking "Chinese"! The
girl said "Lucky Baby"!!
Better get busy and start
my cooking!! Love you,
Mother & Daddy

Anonymous said...

Will pray that Hannah gets it all out of her system before the flight! She wants her Christmas card picture taken at home...can't wait to see you, but will wait until you settle in. Happy traveling. Love, Mary Ann