Friday, November 25, 2005

Home Coming

We made it Thanksgiving Day. Around 6:30pm we rolled into our driveway and home never looked so good. Becky, Doug, Lydia, Elizabeth, Mama Jo and Big Pop were at the airport to greet us. Tired does not begin to describe our physical state right now. I went to Wal Mart after we arrived home to buy some cough medicine and I almost fell asleep looking at the shelves and wondered how I would explain my narcolepsy to the police when Wal Mart called them about a man sleeping on Aisle 12.

We are all sick to some degree. We all have coughs (lots of pollution in China)and Hannah seems to have some respiratory problems (minor we hope). I am sitting here watching her in the play pen and she is smiling at me with her wrinkled up nose and squinted eyes.

MaCayla woke up around 4:30 this morning and wanted to go to Mama Jo's right away. We also woke around 2 am. Jet lag is in full force right now. Nevertheless, we want to talk to everyone and see you all. Hannah has been apprehensive about meeting people, but I hope she will warm up soon.

One piece of our luggage was left in Chicago yesterday. It happened to be the one with everything we bought in China. Some of the things we bought in Hannah's province are irreplacable. We were very nervous about getting this bag back. Fortunately, United Airlines delivered it to our doorstep this morning around 7:45 am.

Several people left messages on our answering machine the day we left for China, but we left so early we missed your calls. We listened to them this morning. We were touched by the messages of encouragement and well wishes... Thank you.


Anonymous said...

So glad you are home...all is well now that you are home!!!!MaryAnn

Effie said...

I miss my "Hannah and MaCayla" fix today. No new pictures :( I've so enjoyed the blog, excellent idea.
Hope you all are recovering and settling into your new life. I'll try to call in a few days.