Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hannah Loves Playing in the Park

Notice Hannah's hair in this picture. It sticks straight up on top and there is no combing it flat. It is like little wires. I thought curly hair was hard to manage, but this stuff is unruly. It seems to be softening everyday and I hope for Hannah's sake it flattens when it grows out. Hannah could be in for some bad hair days...literally. This picture shows her disposition most of the time. She is a happy girl.


Anonymous said...

Okay friends...its time to wrap this trip up and come home. I can't believe the difference in Hannah in just the last few days. She is so happy and blessed. Time to come home...its turkey time and I sure am thankful for so many things, especially your letting us be a part of your journey. It took effort and time to journal, but what a gift! Love, MaryAnn

Mother & Daddy (MamaJo & BigPop said...

The weather has had my
computer acting up all afternoon. Just got
these last couple of
pictures- now I can go
to bed happy!! So
sweet. Two more days!!
Love you all, Mother

Patrick Cook said...


Thank you for commenting on our blog. Your words have been a blessing. We are ready to come home. Two weeks away from home is too long. 10 days would have been enough, but we had to wait for Hannah's VISA. We get her VISA today and fly home tommorrow...Yahoo!-Patrick

Patrick Cook said...

Mama Jo,

Hannah is sleeping, MaCayla is watching a movie and Deann is doing some last minute shopping. I can't believe I have time to comment. Hannah is very easy to take care of. Today, after lunch I told Deann to put her in the crib and see what see does. She played by herself for about 10 minutes then went to sleep. I told Deann to go shopping. I thought taking care of her would be the same as someone else we know, but Hannah is low maintenance...not high maintenance. I think the plane ride could be much easier than we expected...we'll see. The times we have been shopping we just put her in the stroller and go...no fuss. We bought a stroller here and will leave it here as a donation to the Holt office. We also left food and medical supplies we didn't use. Other families will be able to use all of this when they come here to Guangzhou. The strollers Holt has here are in bad shape. See you tommorrow! Happy Thanksgiving!

Momma Pat said...

You all have blessed us everyday and we eagerly await your return. We may not be able to come see Hannah untill after Christmas, but by then she will have settled into her new home and family. If it were possible I would be at the airport to meet you. All our love and prayers....Momma Pat 'n Bob