Monday, November 14, 2005


What an amazing time we had today. We left Beijing with great anticipation and hope. We arrived in Guiyang with extreme anxiety. We entered our hotel with fear. We arrived in the Meeting Room with trepidation. We met Hannah with great joy and after a few tears and and a great meeting with the Foster Family we took Hannah as our own. She seemed to like me and I held her for the first 1/2 hour so she would not cry. When we got back to the room I left her with Deann and stood outside the door to listen. That seemed to work great as she cried some, but stop shortly thereafter. I came back into the room and she was OK! We went ot eat later. Hannah ate noodles, some soup and bread. She will only drink from a cup. So far she has only had water. She would not take our formula or the Chinese formula. Also, she is very small. She was wearing three pairs of split pants and three sweaters when we got her. She was wearing diapers held up by a rubber band. She had obviously never worn diapers before, as she was badly bruised on her hips by the rubber band. She is playing inher crib now with plastic cups and her Big Sister is beside herself as she watches Hannah. She can say Jei Jei and has a cute squeaky little voice. I am off to a meeting now, but I will post more pictures later. I am unable to see the blog so someone let me know if this posts. Any comments are e-mailed to me. So let me know.-Patrick


Anonymous said...

Hannah is beautiful! I woke up in the night and wanted to check the blog but realized it was too soon for there to be a picture. We are so excited that MaCayla has her little sister with her now. Mama Jo and Big Pop were so excited yesterday and had the pictures to show everyone. I know they were up early this morning. We are praying for you all in this time of bonding. Love, Marianne for the family

Anonymous said...

We are just crying as we read your
blog and looked at MaCayla and
Hannah!! I thought it would never
come in. I know she will bond
with you all in a hurry - Daddy
said a while ago that this baby
has had more prayers for her than
she would ever comprehend!! And
for you all too. Can't wait to
hear all about it. Mother

Traci said...

YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me and Becky met at the mailbox at 6:15 this morning (her computer is on the fritz). She was waiting to see if there was a picture yet before Lydia left for school. At that time there was only the picture of the crib. I am going to print this and take it to her now before Lydia goes to school. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Traci

maryellenramsey said...

Woo!HOoo!She is beautiful. Thank you for the picture! Send more! Now, can't yall just come on back now? We can't wait to hold her! We love and miss you guys! Mary Ellen

Anonymous said...

Yes Patrick the pictures are coming through just fine. Keep them coming. The expression on that babies face says she's going to be just fine.
Deann I can't stop crying as I read this. I am so happy for you. The long wait you've waited and all the worring you've done is now over. CONGRADULATIONS!!!

Ingalsbe Family said...

She's BEAUTIFUL!!!! We are so happy for ya'll!! McCayla looks like a great big sister already. I'm sure the experience of entering that room and getting your new baby handed to you is hard to put into words. We can't wait to experience it in just EIGHT DAYS!!!!! YEAHHHHH!!!!!! Can you tell I'm excited. :-) We are so happy for you all. ENJOY the next days as you bond with your little angel and love and cuddle her. Please post more pictures when you can. Tell MaCayla we are happy for her too. Nicole just ohhhh and aaaahh at the picture of Hannah!!! Take Care!! Debbie

Anonymous said...

She is sooo cute. Elizabeth is running around with her picture saying Hannah! We are all just rejoicing!!!!!!
PS MaCayla stay away from the lamps!!!

Ligons said...

I woke up at two o'clock this morning and thought ..only two more hours. I sent a prayer up and tried to go back to sleep but could only think of how you must all be feeling today. I was so excited to see the picture of Hannah and MaCayla posted and can't wait to show Mary Win -- think I will email Mrs. Latham so they can all look. Lots of love to you all -- and thanks for sharing your story with us! Boohooingly, Margaret

P.S. MW and I have tried to post to you several times (she's checking on MaCayla daily) but don't think we got it right. Got some tutoring from Becky at Madison Drug, so am trying again.

Anonymous said...

Dee Ann,
I am at Mary Ellen's working and had to tell ya'll congratulations! She is gorgeous! I have been reading your blog everyday and crying! I know how ya'll are feeling today! Just enjoy every minute!


Anonymous said...

uHOORAY! Congratulations! Hannah is just precious! Leah can't say Hannah yet, but she points and says, "baby, baby." I hope you all get a good night's sleep; although I know the first night we had Leah, Rich and I kept waking up and looking over at her just to make sure she was still there. It just seemed so unreal that we finally had her! We'll keep you in our prayers.
Heidi (Rich & Leah too)

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how happy this family is. I can't quit crying also.

The baby is beautiful and looks just like her Papa Cook.

Keep the pictures coming.

Love you,
Poppa Cook

Effie said...

Yeahhhh! I went straight to the computer this morning to see any photos. Lovely! Hannah looks so content and MaCayla looks as happy as can be. Can't wait to see more photos and hear more about Hannah's life before and with you all.
Congratulations. I know you've waited and prayed for this for so long. Love,

Anonymous said...

Children are a Gift from God, what a beautiful gift you have received. MaCayla and Hannah are both so blessed to have you two loving them. Come on home so we can see them. You will continue to be in our prayers for a safe voyage "home".
Love The Halbigs
Debra, Dwayne, Taylor, Zachary, Matthew and Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Its Mary Ann Prior. We have followed this journey daily. It has become our family's breakfast bonding time. We all feel like we are right with you! Sent many messages but they were all returned....we love you and your family is precious! Mac