Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Tonight we took a cab ride to Pizza Hut in Guiyang. There is no roller coaster ride more thrilling than a cab ride in China. Traffic lights are hardly a suggestion and lane lines are meaningless. They have a signaling system with horns and lights that everyone understands and adheres to...I guess. It appears chaotic and unorganized, yet as cars and pedestrians come within inches of colliding someone always gives way. It is like a giant game of chicken with thousands of cars involved.

The pizza at Pizza Hut was exactly like the pizza in the USA. Hannah loves pizza (the bread part anyway). She also loves rice cereal (which we found out today). She continues to have many pooh diapers, but not as many as yesterday.

Each of the 14 families with us are facing their own challenges with their new daughters. Some cry, some cannot pooh, they are all sick (ear aches, upper respiratory infections, temperatures) and some fight violently to get away at times. Half the babies are 2 years old and understand Chinese very well and even speak some. They all have their own way of grieving. Despite the challenges there are great moments of love and affection. All the familes are taking two steps forward after one step back. So ground is being gained in the battle to win these little girls hearts and confidence.

I tried to send another picture with this post, but the cute picture of Hannah wrinkling her nose kept loading. Maybe it will work better tommorrow.

You all would not believe how easy it is to get Hannah to go to sleep. She knows when it is time and falls right off. I hope this will continue. With that said we have had a very trying day. Hannah vomited at breakfast (I call it vomit because it was so much, but it would technically be called a spit up), another vomit/spit up after lunch in the room and on the bed. A poop right on the bed. Deann thought she was finished and took her diaper off to change her and there she blows (the diarrhea makes things unpredictable). Enough of the bathroom talk for now. I can't promise I won't write about it more in the future, so if you are offended I apologize in advanced.

It is 9 pm'ish an I am off to bed. We are finally starting to recover from the jet lag.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys (and girls!), it's Cristy Henry. I have been out of town and just got this email. I have been wondering where ya'll were, and if you had Hannah yet. Now I know! She is beautiful!! Ya'll all look so happy, I'm sure her smiles will be forthcoming for you all very soon, she won't be able to help herself:) Reading all of this, and knowing ya'll as we is all so inspiring. God is truly smiling. Much love, Cristy

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that Donna and I have enjoyed your web blog so much. You have done a wonderful job of keeping everyone up to date on your travels. I hope Hannah gets to feeling better, there's an exciting new world for her when you get her home.
(We're making it fine at MMH but looking forward to your return.)