Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Do You Think Hannah Has Gained a Pound or Two?

Hannah weighed 17.7 pounds at her medical exam Monday. We think she has gained some weight since we got her. She eats two breaksfasts. One in the room and the other at the beakfast buffet. She grazes throughtout the day and eats lunch and supper. She eats table food...all table food.


Anonymous said...


The Cooks

Just a note to say how much I have enjoyed folowing your exciting trip and seeing the wonderful gift you have received.

Pat & DeeAnn you have two beautiful daughters and I look forward to meeting your newest addition.

Looks as if Hannah has gained some weight so that proves she is very happy with her new family.

Take care, have a safe journey home and God be with you

Judy Stalnaker

Anonymous said...

Deann this picture is absolutely precious. I think she knows who mommy is now. Jan, Sue, Bobby Voyles have been coming in regularly keeping up with what's going on. It sounds and looks like everything is going just fine.
God Bless,

Ed and Lisa said...

What a beautiful little girl you have! You all are sooo happy right now. Congradulations!!

This Christmas should be extra special!!

- Lisa