Monday, November 14, 2005

Foster Mother

This is Hannah's Foster Mother. She has 3 grown children of her own.

Last night we ate i the hotel restaurant. I ordered fried fish and received a club sandwich. Guiyang is a little backwoods, not many people speak english. Sometimes you think they can, but then you receive a club sandwich.


Momm Pat said...

Hi Guys.....I'm happy to see the expressions on your faces......Our baby doll Ya Ya is so darling and sweet. Words can't relaly express how my heart feels....It's a priveledge to be a part of this journey with you all. Thank you for all the pictures and details....may our wonderful God and Father bring you all safely home. Can't wait to see our precious girl when Bob and I come to Peirce Dairy Rd. 143 Momma Pat

Anonymous said...

Deann, Can you believe Elaine figured out her computer so she could keep a check on updates. I showed her today how to send you a message. We all have been so excited at work today. We of course brought up the blog and was showing everybody. Sue Mc. was in tears. Hannah looks real tiny and petite. Her face looks so claim and relieved not so tense like in the photo's at work or the first couple of pictures put on the blog. I know that ya'll are tired and ready to get home. At least staying over there a little longer is giving ya'll time to bond together and it lets her get to know you before coming home and all the excitement begins with family and friends. It sounds like Macayla is doing a fine job of being a big sister and Patrick couldn't look any happier than he does in the photo with his two girls. Can't wait to see more photo's keep em coming.