Friday, November 18, 2005

The Most Amazing Day

Today we visited a minority village in Guizhou Province. The teenage boy and girls danced and sang for us dressed in there traditional costumes. We got to dance and sing and even had to drink out of a bull horn. The girl in the middle holding up the peace sign looks a lot like Hannah. I couldn't take my eye off of her, because I think Hannah may look like her. You see, Hannah is Maio just like this teenage girl. Hannh may grow up to look just like her. The Maio are a minority in China and are very distinct in their culture and looks. I have been told the Maio are respected for their dancing and siging, as well as their good looks by Chinese standards (whatever that means). They were a very handsome group of young people performing by my standards too!

Hannah and MaCayla Update!

Hannah broke out of her shell today. She is much more active. She is doing all of the things we believed she crawling, talking, crying louder, eating more, drinking more, laughing has been a great day so far. No bad diapers today. As a matter of fact, no dirty diapers at all. Oh boy! She is becoming a Mama's girl. MaCayla told me today she didn't realize she would love Hannah so much. When you see her you will fall in love with her too. She is precious and a delight to be around. We are the luckiest parents on earth. It is such a priviledge to parent two wonderful children. God is good! MaCayla is doing homework right now, but she is receiving a better education just experiencing all we have seen and done.

One note: if you ever come to China stick with the Chinese food. They do not make western food to our satisfaction.


Mama Jo said...

These are great!! Those
little grins she has give
further insight into her personality.
I just know she is going to
be a big tease, and keep us
all on our toes!!

MaCayla, you may not have
realized how much you
would love her, but I
knew you would, and can
tell she adores you by
the way she looks at you.
It's unbelieveable and
amazing how God can make
us so capable of loving,
but after all,

Next Friday, you will all
be home!! Mighty hard-
this waiting! Love,hugs,
and kisses. Mama Jo (& for
Big Pop, too)

Anonymous said...

Pat & family:

Thank you so much for allowing us here in the States to experience through your eyes this wonderful experience you all are having. I believe I am almost as excited as Poppa & Momma Cook about the baby and I look forward to reading your daily updates.

MaCayla will be the best big sister Hannah could ever want, and Hannah is truly blessed to have such wonderful parents.I look forward to the time I can meet Hannah in person.

Be safe and God Bless