Saturday, November 19, 2005

Deann woke up today with a sore throat. MaCayla coughed all night. Hannah slept like a baby...oh, she is a baby. The glands in Deann's neck are very swollen. Besides that, it has been 10 days since she's had a decent cup of coffee. In Beijing and Guiyang the coffee was awful and we were lucky if it came to us hot. Today is a new day at the fabulous White Swan were the coffee isdelicious and hot...we are told. We will know in a few short minutes as we go to the breakfast bar, which we have been told is one of the best in the world. This is a five star hotel...can you believe we are in a five star hotel.

Bucky, don't worry we don't have to tell Hannah you are her uncle we can just tell her you are one of the families crazy friends:)

Joan commented that I look thin...this is true...I hope to fatten up here in the next few days. We ate at a Restaurant called Lucy's last night and I had a huge plate of fried noodles and I had one bite left when the waitress took my plate. I was actually a little anry I didn't get that one last bite. I still had my chop sticks in my hand.

Doug, now I know why you use chop sticks when we eat at Happy China. I actually like using them now too, especially when I eat noodles.

The family in the picture with us are from Marietta, GA. They are great with wonderful sense of humor. Also, it is nice to hear other Southern voices.

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Anonymous said...

patrick and deann--i'm truly proud of you and for you-mimi and i are going thru the blog and the baby is beautiful--no smart-ass comments from me -just pure amazement-warmest regards-gary vickers