Thursday, November 17, 2005

Qian Park Trip

The man in the photo is a famous calligrapher in Guizhou Province. The scroll he is holding he just finish painting for Hannah. The first two images on the top of the scroll are her name and the rest is a poem he wrote for her. The poem says something about beautiful music, birds singing in the park...I don't remember the rest. Somehow the characters mean one thing individually written, but when placed together they form a poem. I didn't fully understand. Anyway, it is beautiful and we will place it on the wall in Hannah's room.

The park we visited today had monkeys in it roaming around freely. People were feeding them. They were biting one lady on the hand, but she kept feeding them. The monkeys fought with each other over the food. We were standing right there in the middle of them. I do not have any pictures, but I do have video tape.

Hannah had a great day. She had only two (stinky) diapers today. She ate well, but will not drink any type of formula and drank little water today. She is so small we think she may be getting enough fluid from the food she is eating. She loves noodles and rice cereal. The rice cereal has lots of water.

We go to a minority village tommorrow. I am told the villagers will put on a singing and dancing show for us in their traditional costumes. They wear lots of silver necklaces and silver headresses. I am looking forward to seeing these people as they are Maio people. Everyone here has told us Hannah is definitely Maio. I want to see what Hannah mght look like when she gets older.

MaCayla is doing great. Several of the parents have commented on how good she is doing. They are right...she is doing great. She is maturing some on this trip and taking the big sister thing in stride. Even with how well MaCayla is doing we know there could be some rocky days ahead as we trasition from 3 to 4.

We are blessed to have great friends & family who have prayed for us these past few days. We have definitely been feeling everyones love sent our way. Keep up the prayers they are working. So many people in this group are having a slow time of bonding with their children. I have seen some major melt downs with some of the 2 year olds. Keep them in your prayers, also.

We ventured out into the street today to look for some shoes for Hannah. At one point we were quickly surrounded by dozens of people who encircled us. I thought I was video taping this, but when I looked down to stop the tape I found out I never starting taping. We have a laminated card with us that explains why we are here and when the people read it they thank us for what we are doing. We are the ones who are blessed most by this opportunity. After we tried to move on the people just started following us, but not very far.

The people here cannot help staring at us. I just stare back and smile. Sometimes they will get very close or follow you around trying not to look like they are following you.

Good night, it's bed time here.


Mama Jo said...

Hi! Just got this latest picture,
and reading all the info to Daddy,
this plus the ones that came in
last night. What experiences you
all are having!! I'm so happy you
are writing this much down for us
for it will take us a long time
to catch up anyway when you get
here. Hannah looks very contented
and happy and I expect she will be
a live wire by the time you get
home. Seems like she is watching
MaCayla in this picture. We are
so very thankful she is adjusting
and we continue to pray for her
(and your) health as well. ONE
WEEK FROM TODAY!! Love you all,

Anonymous said...

hey guys, who knew all that medical experience would come in soooooo handy!! I am sure she will adjust to the "potty" when she gets home. We continue to pray for you all. I am so excited everyday to look at the pictures God speed home. love the Halbigs

Anonymous said...

You have so manypeople excited about this wonderful little girl.

It is time that you bring the "Princess" home so she can rein over all her subjects. I hope she is growing more accustomed to all of you giants.

We all have been worrying about her ear infection and poopy diapers.

Sad Note: Harold Dorsey (OKla) cousin Jolene's husband died this mornin. I will be going to OKLA in a few days

Love Poppa Cook

pagetts said...

Hi!! The latest pictures are absolutely precious. We can't wait to see her in person. We got home late last night as our flight from chicago to Atl was delayed 3 hours. Shea continues to improve and has done great today with me being back at work. Keep those pictures coming and just a few more days til The White Swan- Thank you Lord!!