Tuesday, November 15, 2005

MaCayla's in Heaven

MaCayla on nap duty.


Traci said...

You make the best "big sister"!
Look's like Mom and Dad are going to get lots of help from you. I know they will really like that. I also know Hannah is going to learn alot from you. Before you know it, she will be wanting to do just what her "big sister" is doing and wanting to do everything like her "big sister". Take good care of her and love her lots! I know she loves you already. I can tell from the picture she loves and trusts you enough to take her nap with you. Tell Mom, Dad, and Hannah hello from the Henson's. We can't wait until ya'll get home!
Traci Henson

Ingalsbe Family said...

Oh, what a precious picture!!! McCayla you are a good pillow for your baby sister. I can tell she adores you, already!! We hope Hannah gets to feeling better. I know it's hard when she's not feeling good and you can't do anything to make it better. We will pray that God brings healing to her quickly so you all can enjoy the rest of the trip with her. I can't imagine what a relief it is to know Hannah is legally your baby girl now!! PRAISE GOD!!!!! We are getting ready to leave in two days. We have just about got everything ready. Of course there's always those last minute things to pack away, but we are about finished. Pray that we can rest tomorrow evening. I woke up at 3:00am this morning and could not go back to sleep. NO SURPISE!!! God's preparing me for Abigail. :-) Take care and we'll talk to you in a few days via Panda Phone IN CHINA!!!

Anonymous said...

Tim and Esther are thinking of and praying for you all. We hope Hannah feels better soon. She is beautiful. We look forward to your return.
Tim Curry

maryellenramsey said...

MaCayla Girl! You are making McKinlie so jealous! Keep up the good work. Looks like Hannah will be ready for a nice "warm" juicy steak with all those teeth she has. What about you Dee? We love yall. Counting the days.

maryellenramsey said...

Sorry I missed your call. I was at Mama and Daddy's showing them Hannah! I don't know how much they actually saw because my Daddy thought she had curly hair! So much for his cataract surgery. When yall go to WalMart see if they have Dyprotex. It is what we used on the babies in the hospital with really bad diaper rashes. Mama Jo gave me my update. Thanks!
Have a great day today.

Anonymous said...

Little Hannah looks right at home cozied up next to her big sister . . . right where she belongs!

We are so happy for you guys - she is a beautiful addition to your already wonderful family. Congratulations!

John, Penny, and Sara Moore

amy quinn said...

Hey! I am so excited for you all. She is so beautiful. God has really blessed you with such a precious gift. I know MaCayla will be a great big sister. She will be a big help. I will pray God will give you all wisdom and guidance in raising Hannah. I will pray for strength and energy each day. Hannah is so blessed to be in such a loving, godly family. I can't wait to meet her. I love you all.

Amy Quinn