Thursday, November 10, 2005

We're Here

Here we are in Chicago. Ready to go to Beijing. We arrived in Beijing after 24.5 hours of travel. MaCayla slept some, Deann slept less and I did not sleep at all! I am very drowsy as I type this so you will have to excuse any typos. Our flights were very uneventful and smooth. We arrived in Beijing and immediately went to our hotel. As we were riding along in the mini-bus I began to notice people staring at us. I felt like an animal in the zoo. We went to a restaurant to eat supper and no one there spoke english. We simply pointed to pictures and they brought us mostly what we thought we ordered. Our server was a young girl who felt compelled to help MaCayla eat, so she started feeding MaCayla with her chop sticks. It was quite hilarious as MaCayla did not know if she should let her. MaCayla was so taken aback she forgot to chew and swallow the food the girl placed in her mouth and she sat there for a few seconds with a large leek looking thing hanging out of her mouth. Everyone in the restaurant was staring at us. One man refused to be seated next to us. He looked disturbed that we were even there. Everyone else just smiled as they stared. I was too tired to smile back. It is time for bed. We are only a few days from getting Hannah, Amen. Hopefully, we will be refreshed after a good nights sleep.


Ingalsbe Family said...

Hi Cooks! Glad you made it safely to China. We've been praying for you & thinking about you. Hope you get a good nights rest. We leave a week from today!! YEAHHHH!!!! Can't wait to see your GOTCHA DAY pictures. Take care and enjoy your time in Beijing. Debbie & David

Momma Pat said...

Hi there you all......What a blessing to see you all smiling at the airport. Hope you got a good sleep after that, Patrick. By the time you return, you'll all be well seasoned travelers. All I can hope is that you just have the best time of your lives, trusting our Lord Jesus to see you through this wonderful experience. He always does so much more than we could ever expect. On my trip home from Ireland I was tierd too and He arranged for me to have 2 empty seats next to me so I could actually lay down my whole body and sleep. Isn't He wonderful!? Keep the pictures coming, like all day every day....143