Monday, November 14, 2005

More Pictures!

More Gotcha Day Photos! Thank you all for the kind loving words posted in the comments. It is very emotional reading them all. We have read them all. We believe Hannah has an ear infection. She has a fever and pulls on her ear. Two babies in our group went to the hospital the first night. One with a high fever and the other fell and cut herself. She needed stitches on her head. Hannah slept some in her crib the first night, but awoke about 1 am and Deann is holding her now as I write this trying to get her back to sleep. I know Hannah feels awful, but she shows us some of her personality every minute. She is going to be quite entertaining when she starts feeling better. She is so hot to the touch and our hotel room, a 4 star hotel, has no AC. We are burning up. We are on the 20th floor and have the window open . Cars beep all night long in this small Chinese city of 1.5 million people. The city is located in the mountains and there are sky scrapers everywhere. We can't wait for the morning so we can get out of this room and feel the cooler outside air. MaCayla is up with us trying to console Hannah. Hannah is not loud, but difficult to get to sleep. I think her voice is a little muted due to congestion. So we have a louder cry to look forward to :) Tommorrow we officially adopt Hannah. I will try to post more pictures now.


Anonymous said...

Hope Hannah is feeling better. It is very common for all of them to get sick and run a fever. It must be all the emotion and changes. We will be praying.

Anonymous said...

Deann, I just want to tell you something that helped us when we had to fly with Sheldon when he was young and had an ear infection. It is extremely painful for ear problems when you start the desent to land. A stewardess gave us two small paper cups with paper towels that had been soaked in hot water and the water squeezed out. Put those over Hannah's ears and it will help to equalize the pressure she will be feeling. It really worked for Sheldon. Previously he had cried out in pain. You might need something like this if she doesn't get better. Love, Marianne