Friday, November 11, 2005

Serious Jet Lag

Here it is 1 am and we are all wide awake:( We have been reading everyones comments and we wanted to thank you all for your well wishes and encouragement. Believe me...we are strengthen and encouraged by your heart felt words. As the days grow closer to receiving Hannah I get that roller coaster feeling in my stomach in anticipation of seeing her. We may receive a picture and update on Sunday from our agency. Monday is the big day! Pray for us... that we adjust better to China time so we can sychronize with Hannah.

Yesterday was very relaxed. We ate breakfast in the hotel at their amazing breakfast bar. They will short order cook your eggs any way you like (scrambled, omelet, over favorite, etc.). Later, we went shopping at a very modern mall with six levels. We only bought one baby outfit to replace the clothes Hannah will be wearing on Gotcha Day. After that we tried to eat lunch at 3 pm. MaCayla wanted to swim in the hotel indoor pool,so we did. We didn't swim much because there was a hot tub in the swimming room and it felt much better than the cold swimming pool. We skipped supper and came back to the room and watched a DVD. Deann fell asleep before 6pm and MaCayla followed shortly thereafter. I tried t0 stay awake, but succumbed to Mr. Sandman at 7:30pm. Now we are all awake at 1 in the morning and very hungry. Only five hours until the breakfast bar opens:0

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