Saturday, November 26, 2005

Final Thoughts

Isn't it ironic that a political system, cultural beliefs (valuing sons over daughters) and policies I despise with every ounce of my being provided our family the blessed opportunity to add an adorable, lovable little girl.

How will I explain this to Hannah one day? I dread the day I have to explain. "Why, Daddy?"

Observations on China:
The Chinese people are warm and friendly and eager to please Americans.
The toilet tissue in Guiyang is not perforated.
The same TP stretches like elastic.
I did not see a bike in Beijing made after 1970.
There are more buses than cars in Guiyang and more taxis than buses.
A Club Sandwich in Guiyang is made with egg.
Chinese who speak english well have a hard time understanding my Southern drawl.
An American with a Chinese baby draws a crowd on the street anywhere in China.
The Chinese will stare at you as if you can't see them.
If you smile at them they smile back and stop staring... for a moment.
English does not always translate well. For example, a sign at the Beijing Airport read "Exit Only in Peacetime" The correct translation is "Non Emergency Exit Only".
The Chinese are embracing capitalism.
The streets in China seem dirty, yet everywhere one turns there are workers cleaning the streets. I saw workers using a floor scrubber cleaning side walks.
When looking at the horizon in Beijing you see a yellow haze (smog). When you look straight up you see blue sky.
There are some curly headed Chinese people, but not many.
Bus drivers and taxis drivers should receive combat pay.
People walk slowly.
Women sometimes walk down the street arm in arm...and so do some men?

I could sit here writing all day about the things I saw in China. These are some that came to mind.


I loved the province Hannah is from...Guizhou.
Over 7000 Americans adopted Chinese orphans this year. May God Bless each and every family. Every family thinks they got the best one.

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Teresa Bone said...

I enjoyed all the information you had on your site. Hannah is so cute. Mother said she saw her yesterday at the school. She couldn't get over how many teeth she has.