Saturday, November 12, 2005

Hutong Family

Apparently, we are now a part of this women's family. Because we are adopting a Chinese girl this cute little lady said we are now a part of the China family. I always wanted to be part of a big family. Now I can call all 1.6 billion {billion with a B) Chinese, family. By the way Mama Jo, I invited them all over for Thanksgiving Dinner. I hope you don't mind. Seriously, she was genuinely happy about our groups adoptions and so are we!


Becky said...

Just think MaCayla now you are a celebrity in China. I hate to tell you this but there will be even more fans in Guiyang!!! We will be up bright and early to see the new picture of baby sister. We will be getting up very early Monday AM to see your family of FOUR!!!!

Anonymous said...

We are loving all the pictures!!
How many places should I set for
Thanksgiving? I'd better do it
before you get back, for I will
have other things to do when
you get here. I do hope I get
a chance to cook. We love you
and are continually praying.
Mama Jo (PS Big Pop & I read all
the notes together

rnor143 said...

I am so excited for you all!! I know you can't wait till Monday. Thanxs for keeping us all up to date. This is great. Pee Po I hope you are feeling better. I will be checking tomorrow for Hannas Pic.
Have a great safe trip
Aunt Vicky

Anonymous said...

Hello Cook Family!! We are very excited to meet the new addition to the family! We know that ya'll are also extremely excited1 Give Hannah our love until we meet in Madison! Much love- Stan, Kaye, Brittany, Caroline, and Emily

Anonymous said...

Hi Cook Family! We are looking forward to seeing and reading about baby Hannah. MaCayla looks like she is having so much fun over there! What a wonderful experience! I imagine the red hair is a big hit in China. We didn't see too many natural red heads when were over there. We are keeping you in our prayers.

Heidi (Rich & Leah too)